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Read Across America Resources

March is National Reading Month. KWES is kicking off the month by celebrating Read Across KWES Week March 1-8. Students will be participating in activities in their classes and school wide. Families can support reading at home with ideas and resources outlined below year-round.

Reading Together
  • Read a book as a family

  • Read to a family pet or stuffed animal

  • Read to a sibling or relative

  • Listen to an audio book

  • Read aloud for 20 minutes

  • Build a fort and read inside

  • Read outside

  • Visit a library

  • Go for a walk and read signs; think of words that rhyme

  • Play charades with book titles or characters

  • Swap books with a friend

  • Ask a librarian for a book recommendation

  • Read e-books on a Kindle or other e-reader

  • Read while wearing sunglasses

  • Read a book about magic

  • Read a book by your favorite author

  • Read the first book in a series (i.e. Captain Underpants, Dogman, Harry Potter, The Babysitters Club, etc.)

  • Read a recipe and then follow it to make something

  • Read the directions to a game and then play it

  • Read a book by an author from your home state

  • Read in the dark with a flashlight

  • Read a comic book

  • Read in your PJs

  • Read by a window

  • Read a book that makes you laugh

  • Read a joke book and learn one joke to share

  • Read a nonfiction book

  • Read a book about animals

  • Write your own story and read it

  • Learn to draw your favorite book character and then read a book 

  • Read a book and then do a Book Scavenger Hunt about it (samples linked for fiction and non-fiction books)

  • Turn these ideas into a Bingo board for a fun family game; first person to do 5 activities in a row wins!

Ways to support reading at home

Reading is a skill that can be a lifelong hobby. Make reading fun with some of these ideas:​

Reading Resources 

Prince William County Public Library

Visit the county library system. There a number of branches in the area. Library cards are free. The library offers a variety of programs for all ages.

Reading Rainbow

Episodes explore books, shows real life stories, and inspires reading. The website also links to family activities related to book themes.

Little Free Library

Little Free Libraries allow readers to donate or pick up a book for free. There is a Little Free Library in front of our school. Check out other locations at the link below.

Celebrity Read-Alouds

Storyline Online offers free videos online featuring celebrities and athletes reading children's stories. 

VDOE Reading Resource

The Virginia Department of Education provides links for families to access free digital books, resources, and webinars focused on literary skills.

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